What is Freethought Dayton?

Freethought Dayton is a dynamic local community group. Our members include freethinkers, humanists, atheists, agnostics, skeptics, and others associated with the freethought community. We get together routinely for community and to promote reason, critical thinking, and secular culture.

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Our Vision and Mission

Our vision is of a society where reason and evidence guide individual and civic principles, and where none suffer prejudice for a commitment to rationality. Our mission is to nurture a community in the Miami Valley that values secular humanism, promotes and preserves freethought in the public square, provides supportive fellowship, and engages in humanitarian good works.

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Making a Difference

Freethought Dayton supports a number of community related and charitable activities. Freethought Dayton members weekly volunteer at the Food Bank of Dayton where we sort and repack donated food. We have adopted a highway (a portion of 675). We support the annual "Light the Night" fundraiser, held by the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. We also give blood as part of regular Bleed & Feed events.

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Way to Go!

The FD team raised $3,767.01 to fight cancer

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Week of Action

You’ve heard of the National Day of Prayer, and the secular community’s response, the National Day of Reason.  This year, there’s a new response we can all get behind: the Week of Action.  A time for those who choose to pray and those who choose not to pray to #choosetoACT.
The Week of Action is the brainchild of Humanist Rabbi Adam Chalom.  Rabbi Chalom argues that, while reason is certainly a worthy value to celebrate, the secular counterpart to “Prayer” is not “Reason” – it is “Action.”  Now, Foundation Beyond Belief has taken up the banner for a National Week of Action and created this website.  Freethought Dayton already has three charitable events on the calendar during the Week of Action, and a few more possibly on the way.  We hope you can join us at one, two, or all of them.

The events so far:

Friday, April 25: Volunteer at the Foodbank
Saturday, April 26: Bleed and Feed
Sunday, April 27: Adopt-a-Highway cleanup
You can RSVP for any of these events at meetup.com/freethoughtdayton.

Even if you can’t make it to a volunteer meetup, think about what you can do on a personal level during the week of action.  Become a contributing member to FBB.  Donate your spare change when the opportunity arises.  Smile at a stranger.  If you’ve been on the fence about becoming a regular volunteer with one of Dayton’s many fine nonprofits, take the plunge (find ideas at volunteermatch.org.

Also considering joining the Week of Action on facebook and following it on twitter.


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